44054 Margarita Rd #5 Temecula Ca 92592 USA


How long are your workouts? - Boot Camp workouts are 45 mins long. Small Group Personal Training is 45-60 mins long.

Where are you located? - 44054 Margarita Rd #5 Temecula CA 92592

Are the Coaches certified? - Yes, all Luckey Fitness Coaches are Certified Personal Trainers.

Do you offer a free session? - Yes, we offer a free session which you can register here LuckeyFit.zenplanner.com

How many people max per small group boot camp session? - 16

What is your company email? - info@LuckeyFitness.com

What is your phone number? - You can call/text 951-477-5508


I love this place! Really got me on the right track. I did the free 6 week body fat challenge. I lost 6.2% body fat in 6 weeks. The trainers are amazing!!!!! The work outs are quick but really impactful. Great for people with a busy schedule.

Dezerae M.

Temecula, cA

Lost 21 Lbs

Julia Smith

Temecula, CA

LOST 26 lbs in 6 weeks

Kaleeka B

Temecula CA

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